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Santa Paula Teleport

The Santa Paula Teleport began operation in 1975 as part of COMSAT General Corporation (CGC). The station is located in Southern California, in Ventura County, approximately 15 miles from the city of Ventura and the Pacific Ocean and is fully owned and operated by our parent company, Astrium Services.

The Santa Paula teleport provides Inmarsat satellite communications coverage from western North America, across the Pacific Ocean and into Asia, the Pacific Rim nations, New Zealand, Australia, and the eastern Indian Ocean. Santa Paul covers the entire Pacific Ocean Region (POR) and also serves as a hub for Sealink services throughout the Pacific Ocean Region.

The facility occupies 10 acres/40,468 sq.meters and operates more than 15 antennas.

With the recent upgrades, inside and out, Santa Paula remains very much a modern earth station, well equipped and with a staff very much dedicated to the profession of serving its customers.

Astrium Services
7676 Pine Grove Road
Santa Paula, CA 93060 USA
Phone: +1 805 933-4000
Fax: +1 805 933-4001

Postal address: P.O. Box 150 (except FedEx/DHL)
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