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Marlink understands the challenges of business communications at sea and the importance of reliability and flexibility to our customers. We offer a broad range of secure satellite communications services ranging from regional, multiregional and global Ku-band and C-band maritime VSAT systems through to global on-demand MSS services. With flexible bandwidth packages and high bandwidth availability, our services and networks are customised to meet your needs for business operations and crew retention and to help you create added value for your customers.

Recommended Services for the Offshore and Specialised Market


Sealink™ provides flexible broadband communications with global coverage, tailored to your needs and backed by Marlink's expert customer support network. Using our global teleport network and your choice of industry leading Ku- and C-band antennas, Sealink™ enables fast, high-performance and reliable communications. As Marlink's cutting-edge customised VSAT service, Sealink™ VSAT provides premium quality, dedicated solutions that are customised to meet the demand for high performance of offshore and specialised vessels operating under extreme conditions.

Key features include:

• Always-on voice, internet and Local Area Network (LAN) communications at a fixed monthly cost
• Full support for onboard clients
• Out of band management services that ensure availability
• Speeds up to 40 Mbps and 30 voice channels
• Secure integration with offices ashore
• Strategically positioned service location for support of the offshore market

The Sealink™ on-board system can be shared simultaneously between all users and is designed to meet individual secure, guaranteed and separate bandwidth requirements. In addition to guaranteed bandwidth for professional users, the Sealink™ service may provide best effort crew Internet access and crew prepaid telephony.

Customised for You

Sealink™ customised VSAT solutions are developed specifically for each customer, offering a choice of everything from antennas and throughput to the number of VLANs and voice lines. We select the technology that's right for you, to fit the size and type of your vessel or fleet. Which means you can be confident that your communication network is optimized for your needs.

Flexibility and Choice

Because we develop a customised solution for you, the options are many and the combinations practically endless. Choose and combine shared and/or dedicated bandwidth options on C- and/or Ku-band services. Seamlessly switch to MSS services for backup purposes and integrate Ka-band services in the future.

For low-latency and high speed services our Sealink portfolio includes options for integrating terrestrial WIFI and 4G/LTE services with the VSAT service. The Sealink service offer an automatic or semi-automatic switching to the carrier that offer s he best overall service at the time. See: SMARTConnect.

A final network design, that may contain several network segments and 30+ voice channels, will be agreed upon together with and supported by Marlink Network Consultants. This includes secure and optimized integration with your terrestrial infrastructure and support for remote access or a dedicated client LAN on board. Furthermore, separate crew Internet access is available as a standard option in all Sealink solutions and secures that crew traffic does not interfere with business critical applications

Global reach

Based on the most extensive Ku-band coverage available for the maritime industry, Marlink offers customers coverage wherever in the world their vessels are operating. This also includes coverage during transit between operational areas. Our global reach enables the vessel to operate with coverage and bandwidth in any location, but the vessel will only ever be invoiced for the coverage and bandwidth that are allocated for the area where the vessel is in operation.

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Customer Portal

Marlink's Customer Portal gives you online monitoring tools to enable quick and easy monitoring at your fingertips. Check your bandwidth utilization, uptime, availability, reports and fleet map in addition to following the status of incidents through our support ticket tracker, from the convenience of your computer by logging on through our website.

25 years' experience with maritime VSAT

Sealink™ was created in 1991 in response to an increasing demand from the oil industry for seamless, powerful satellite communications between land and offshore oil installations, together with vessels in oil related activities. Since 2000 our Sealink™ service has extended to all types of maritime vessels for both regional and global traffic, developed to meet the business critical needs of customers across all segments.

Key Reference Customers

Renown for high quality of service, Sealink™ is used by customers with a large number of vessels within offshore activities in the Seismic, Survey, Subsea, Construction, Drilling, Producing, Supply, Cable-layer and Multi-purpose markets. Some of our customers include:

• PGS Geophysical
• Eidesvik
• Island Offshore
• Fugro Geoteam
• GC Rieber
• Solstad

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Get more with Sealink™ Value Added Services

To help you get more from your Sealink™ service, Marlink offers a number of expertly designed Solutions that will assist you to get full cost control of traffic generated by crew, passengers and clients; prioritise and allocate access; integrate communications into a seamless IP-based network; and enable family, colleagues and friends to easily get in direct contact with anyone onboard.

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Read more about Sealink™
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