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Marlink Prepaid Calling Cards

Marlink’s Prepaid Calling Card offers users a convenient way to stay in touch with friends. It lets you control communication costs, avoid overstepping your budget and eliminate accounting problems and billing procedures for managers.

With Marlink’s Prepaid Calling Card, crew benefit from the simplicity of using a single prepaid communications card for cost-effective Inmarsat, Iridium OpenPort and VSAT* voice, messaging and accessing the web while managers of large numbers of terminals benefit from improved crew morale and complete cost control over private communications with minimal administration and at no additional cost.
* For VSAT (Wavecall™) currently only voice available.

Key features:

• Simple to use: no need for training or user assistance.
• Versatile: works with Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT terminals.
• Flexible: place voice calls, access email and navigate the web as well as send and receive SMS messages.
• Financial control: complete control over call spending and budget with pre-defined costs.
• Balance check: each time a call, message or web usage is initiated, the remaining credit is reported to the user.
• Online management: order, activate, recharge and monitor your cards in Universal Card Manager.
• Accessories: optional accessories provide controlled environments for optimal usage and maximum efficiency.

Email and SMS Messaging

Prepaid Calling Card users benefit from prepaid messaging when used together with SkyFile® Mail, the most advanced emailing software for use with satellite terminals:

• Self-registration and administration
• ”Portable accounts”
• Credit balance and remaining time are updated in real time. Each user has access to their individual call logs

Easy Administration & Management

Use Universal Card Manager, Marlink’s online card management system, available 24/7, featuring fully automatic processing of all standard administration tasks like ordering and credit reloading.
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